California Rangeland Trust Events

A Western Affair 2016

Our signature event is called A Western Affair. This is an annual gala that our supporters have come to know and love. Typically as soon as we complete one of these, people are asking when and where the next one will be. Attendance is high, sometimes as many as 400 guests. Demographically, our guests are in the agriculture industry including ranchers, farmers, Western enthusiasts, environmentally concerned, actors, government officials, equestrian enthusiasts, corporate leaders, and the general public.  All of our guests love our beautiful landscapes and vistas and want to protect those for future generations. This year’s event will be in Northern California in Orland, at the Wood Ranch on April 30, 2016. The event will include a ranch style rodeo, gourmet BBQ, live and silent auction, awards presentation and music and dancing. We anticipate 350-400 guests.


Click on the photo below to see an album of the photos from our 2015 event.

A Western Affair 2015


Gather at El Peco Ranch

Saturday May 21, 2016. 


Gather: (n) a round- up of friends whose collective passion, ideas and commitment are making a legendary difference in land conservation.


The El Peco Ranch in Madera California has a long and vibrant history. The Pope-Moffat families have a long history of ranching in California and were the owners of Seabiscuit, the famous Triple Crown winner that a movie was made about. Residents at the ranch include Patsy Pope, Adrianna Pope-Sullivan and her husband Bobby Sullivan. The family wants to have guests come and take a tour of the ranch and house and learn a new appreciation of the land and support the Rangeland Trusts Efforts. The afternoon will start with a tour of the ranch and house, then on to an afternoon VIP cocktail party, followed by dinner, an auction, and dancing.