Conservation Easement Types

Donated Conservation Easements - When the landowner donates the purchase price of the conservation easement for significant tax benefits.

Funded Conservation Easements
– When the purchase price of the conservation easement is paid for by one or more funding organizations, groups or agencies. This still offers tax benefits to the landowner.

Below is a list of agencies and conservation minded groups that have worked with the Rangeland Trust to fund and collaborate on Conservation Easements:

        American Land Conservancy
        California Department of Conservation
        Department of Fish and Game
        Feather River Land Trust
        Land Trust of Santa Barbara County
        National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
        Sierra Business Council
        The Nature Conservancy
        Trust for Public Land
        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
        USDA, Farm and Ranchland Protection Fund
        Wildlands Inc.
        Wildlife Conservation Board
        Yolo Land Trust

Bargain Sale Conservation Easements – The ranchers’ needs may require the blending of any combination of the above easement types.    

Mitigation Easements – help to offset expected adverse impacts of development on loss of farmland, habitat or riparian areas. Paid for by the developer or mitigating group.