Planned Giving

"For most of us, there are very few things that we do that last beyond our current lives, other than our children. One notable exception is to make a lasting contribution to a cause that will make a permanent difference in the world. The Rangeland Trust's mission of saving the wonderful ranches that provide for families and wildlife and which sustain our healthy water, air and food is something that really resonates with me. If we don't save these wonderful places now, they may not be here even for our grandchildren. That's why I intend to leave a bequest to the Rangeland Trust, so that it can continue to preserve and protect these things that matter to me and my family." ~ Steve Sinton

Making a planned gift to the California Rangeland Trust is a simple and flexible way to combine philanthropy with sound financial planning. Where to begin and figuring out how to make a gift that will provide the greatest benefit to you and the Rangeland Trust is both the starting point and often times, the part that seems overwhelming.

Part of the answer to reducing the stress of estate planning is for you and your family to carefully plan and organize now. The best plans are created first by deciding what your goals are and second, determining how to accomplish them. It is up to you and your attourney, accountant or other succession planning adviser to determine the best fit for you.

Planned giving fact sheet.