Ranching and Resources at Risk

"A true conservationist is a man who knows that
the world is not given him by his fathers
but borrowed from his children." ~Audubon

The California Rangeland Trust has over 400,000 acres of private rangelands awaiting funding for permanent conservation. These lands contain some of our State’s most precious resources, treasured landscapes and a unique ranching culture found nowhere else.

According to 2009 estimates, to fund the current list of projects in application the Rangeland Trust needs over $400 million dollars. Funding is our biggest challenge. Our State’s oak woodlands, wetlands, vernal pools, breathtaking vistas and the heritage and culture of the families who steward these lands are being threatened. We need your help to bring awareness to rangeland conservation and help us garner the funds to conserve these vital working landscapes.

Unlike other conservation organizations, the Rangeland Trust has a long list of landowners who are willing to commit to conserving their land. Private landowners voluntarily come to us because of the trust we have built with them and within their community. Additionally, the Rangeland Trust has been tremendously successful by partnering with other agencies and land trusts throughout California to conserve precious ranchlands. Continued collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Board, the Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy and many others will be vital to our State’s conservation goals.

If able to complete the projects in our application files in addition to our current portfolio, there will be a total of almost 600,000 acres of magnificent natural areas conserved forever for our next generation to enjoy.

Together we can do it.

Please view our completed and pending projects on the map below, click HERE to view larger image